Help! My leggings always fall down 

4 June 2018

Step #1 Sizing. Most leggings fall down as a result of improper fit. Always make sure that you have the right size before you buy something. The best way to ensure this is to test it out in the changing room, jump up and down a few times and see how it feels, if they are still falling down think about going down a size or choosing a wider waist band for more support. 

Step #2 Double up on underwear. Yes as weird as it sounds our secret hack is doubling up on underwear. Although it might be uncomfortable at first, your leggings won't slide down anymore. The best type of underwear would preferably be something very elastic, like M&S high shape underwear. This fills up the space in-between your legs and leggings are stop them from sliding.   

Step #3 Wrong type of leggings. Leggings can often fall down if you you are using them for the wrong purpose. For example, more relaxed fit, or non-compression joggers shouldn't be used for active high intensity workouts. Instead, compression activewear should be used for this type of exercise as the product is built for that sport. This way you can get the best use of your product and no one will see your bum crack anymore!   

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