Help! My leggings are see through 

4 June 2018

Step #1 Opaqueness. When purchasing your next pair of workout leggings make sure to check for opaqueness. The first thing to do in the store would be to hold up the tights in a strong light and stretch them out as far as possible to see if it's possible to see through them. A squat test usually does the trick! Get down low in a squat position and see if you can see your underwear in the mirror of a changing room. If that's the case obviously look for another pair, but if they are what you really want look to step too. 

Step #2 Seamless underwear. A great way to stop making heads spin when your working out, is to buy seamless underwear which can help reduce unwanted attention. Not only is it super comfortable, but brands like Aerie, New Balance, and BARE have created seamless underwear that are both dry-fit and breathable. 

Step #3 Colour. If you have been having problems with see-through leggings in the past, specifically when at your favourite yoga class, the colour black is your new lifesaver. Not only does it make it the fabric more opaque but it also has a slimming effect for the body. Sticking to leggings that are darker colours definitely prevent this issue from occurring.

Step #4 Hand-washing. After tossing and turning in the washing machine after endless workouts it's no doubt that your leggings start to become more see through and the fabric thins. Therefore, the best case to prevent this from happening is to take hand-wash your leggings. Although this is timely, the long-term effects mean that your products will last longer and no one will be seeing what colour underwear you are wearing for your next marathon!  

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