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Love is derived from the Sanskrit lubh, which means desire. Here's our list of all the "most-loved" facts!

Most Loved Scientific Fact!

Look into your boyfriend’s/ husband’s eyes…your heart rates will synchronize with each other…
Studies have shown that couples who are in love with each other are so bonded that after 3 minutes of looking into each other’s eyes, their heart rates will sync up with each other. Love is magical (and scientific too)!

Most Loved Romantic Movies

Planning for a Netflix and chill on Valentines' Day? Check out the list of the best romance stories that we are never tired of rewatching them.
1. Pretty Woman (1990)
Pretty Woman is the perfect fairytale romance which Vivian was rescued by the charming prince in shining armour, rich businessman Edward. Starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gree, this is our pick to get in the mood of Valentines' Day loving air.
2. Love Actually (2003)
Follow the intertwining stories between 8 British couples dealing with love different. Love Actually is a romantic and touching comedy filled with amazing moments. It is simply impossible to watch it without laughing, crying and falling in love with the characters. With a large ensemble cast including  many of the most well-known British actors (and forever in our hearts Alan Rickman!), how could you miss this best romantic comedy?
3. The Notebook (2004)
And yes, of course we have The Notebook. Started as teenage-summer fling, Allie and Noah's long romance is something we all would die for. Played by former real-life couple Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling, feel their chemistry of bringing romance to life on screen. Our advice?  Better prepare to ugly cry watching this emotionally intense movie.  

Most Loved Exotic Islands for a Couple Getaway

Craving a sweet getaway? The top 3 destinations waiting for you to explore are...
1. Con Dao Island, Vietnam
Experience the best diving in Vietnam and discover mysterious secluded beaches, with a fresh Vietnamese Dù'a Tu' O'i (coconut) in hand!
2. Ono Island, Fiji
Lounging in thatched villas, enjoy sports fishing, diving off the Great Astrolabe Reef and swing your body in Meke (Fijian traditional dance) to the local music!
3. Kauai, Hawaii
Explore the botanical garden and volcanoes, take a stroll on the beach and go zip lining above the valleys. Don't forget to join the Kauai Hiking Adventure, private customised and guided tours showing you the other side of Hawaii!

Most Loved and Longest Marriage In World

We adore and worship all relationships and marriages, but take a second to look at this longest marriage in world for a living couple. Karam Chand, 110, and his wife Kartari Chand, 103, from Bradford, West Yorkshire. The couple was married for a total of 91 years and currently have 

8 children, 27 grandchildren and 23 great-grandchildren. Talk about a marriage that lasts a lifetime.

Most Loved Couple Body Workout

To all those power couples, we present you the “Look into my eyes plank”!
How to do it:
Lie faceup with legs straight out and arms extended toward ceiling. Top person faces partner in a forearm plank while bottom person holds their forearms. Hold a plank for 30 seconds, then switch positions. Too easy? Try push ups instead!

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