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Why Is Travel Mat So Hip & Why You Should Invest In One

5 September, 2017 

Trying to stay zen and grounded during travelling does not require the risk of sliding into a fluffy hotel bath towel or giving up your practice for days, there’s an easier solution - a travel mat.

The portability of a travel mat is much higher than a traditional yoga mat because of its size, weight and design. With the rise of awesome yoga retreats in the mountains of Switzerland and yoga practitioner population, these mats are great for yogis who are on the road - or simply can’t be bothered to carry a few extra kilograms to an after-work yoga session (it’s so much cooler to bring your own mat anyways).

Unlike regular yoga mats, travel mats usually are feather-light and more compact in design. They can be slide into your travel duffel or backpack so you don’t have to worry about transporting with that massive spongy burrito on your shoulder. The convenience incentive can also be a visual reminder of your yoga and other mindful rituals, which is essential for staying committed to your routine on the road. The deep stretches and practice also alleviate insomnia without any sleeping pills disturbing your internal system, and buh-bye jet lag!

Travel mats come in different materials and functional details. Miss Runner’s latest travel mats are made of 100% natural tree rubber, which is also biodegradable, zero-odour, and machine washable. They are perfect for outdoor adventures, beach retreats, or lay it on top of old, dirty and stinky PVC mats at public gyms and studios. Check them out now:

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