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Yoga accessory DIY. Make your own yoga block wheel strap.

Feb, 2018 |  Written By Wilsy Wong

Sometimes you just need a few inches to get into that pose, that is when the yoga props come in, to open your body up for advanced poses and to assist your flow, increase your flexibility. However, owning your own yoga props could be pricey if you are self-practicing at home. Here we come up with 5 yoga props DIY from yoga wheel to yoga mat spray, that you can do it yourself in no time:

Yoga Wheel

This DIY from Xplicitone made yoga easy and great again. Click to learn how.

Yoga Strap

This is an easy one. Yoga Straps are pretty common and you literally take any long piece of cloth and turn it into a yoga strap. Look for necktie, scarf, curtain rope, they make a good alternative for a yoga strap. 

Yoga Mat Spray

Study shows sometimes there are even more bacteria on our yoga mat than in our trash. Stinky and dirty yoga mat could be irksome, this recipe clean and detox your mat and leave it with a fresh clean scent. Click to learn how.

Yoga Block

Yoga block is one of the most useful props to increase flexibility and reinforce stability. If you do not have one of those expensive cork block with you, fear not! Just substitute it with a thick book, a rolled up towel or blanket will also do.

Yoga Mat Strap

Everyone loves carrying their mats around to practice yoga outdoor, but it could be hard without a yoga mat strap, here’s how to make your own!

I know some of us suck at arts and crafts, so you do not want to make your own yoga mat strap, Miss Runner’s travel mat comes with a durable strap and you could use it as a yoga strap at the same time! As the mat is machine washable, you don’t have to disinfect it with your mat spray every time.

Wilsy Wong

A Hong Kong petite born and bred, Wilsy writes (obviously). As a full time Global Adventurer and part-time Marketer & Content Creator in lifestyle, travel and gnt (yep, don’t judge), she can be spotted anywhere doing weird stuffs - mixing Want Want cocktail in dodgy Burmese Hostel, diving 32 meters down the sea while having a beer at the same time (and forgot to watch her no deco time and almost died). Her humble motto - “Nobody is perfect, I am nobody”


instagram: @wilsyish

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