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1 September, 2017 

Go to the gym, Use the class pass, Get abs, Get more flexible, (Insert more fitness goals you have set at the beginning of this year but have yet to achieve). Sometimes it’s not that you haven’t tried - but you just need some genuine tips to gear you to the right direction. Working with over 40 global fitness enthusiasts, we’ve decided to start collecting expert tips on various workouts to help all readers improve and get the most out of their trainings. Trust us, this is just the first of many.

Lately we’ve been feasting our eyes on stunning backbend images all over the gram - from sunset on a beach setting to wild bends under the waterfall. Here are some pro-tips from 3 global yoga experts that you can take home and take some effortless backbend snaps of your own. Lay your mat out, kick start with the deep stretches, keep reading, let’s do this.

“Flexibility is not something you can develop overnight, so stay motivated and all will come."

- Momo Power

Momo Power, who is a France based certified pole dance and flexibility instructor, is all for regularity in practise and patience. "The keys to a healthy deep backbend are regularity (be assiduous), patience (respect and listen to your body), and breathing (you need to relax and let that tension go),” Momo says. Indeed at the end of the day - key to perfection is practise. “Flexibility is not something you can develop overnight, so stay motivated and all will come." she elaborates. Being inspired and keep trying are the keys to achieving higher flexibility. Momo believes in total focus and dedication when building a flexible body, and that flexibility can exist in every one of us.

Back bending is known as heart openers in the yogini world. This practice not only focuses on strength and flexibility, but the mind as well. Bringing in focus to breathing helps with opening your heart to new emotions and enhances concentration. Hannah Sisler, who is known for her epic bends in unreal landscapes on Instagram, tells us her biggest tip - finding the right breathing. “Breathing deeply into your backbends helps to open the entire spine. If you can't take a full breath, it means your mid- and upper-back is not opening and your lower back is compressing,” she explains. Breathing helps to spot which part is tense and requires more patience. “Take it slow, enjoy the process and find more comfortable backbends by opening your chest and breathing deeply," she says. Rushing will only bring you negative energy and anxiety. Have a scroll through Hannah’s pictures, a sense of serenity is guaranteed to surge.

“I love and would recommend back bending with walls and chairs as your yoga props."

- Vanja

Backbending can seem difficult to grasp for beginners. Vanjalina, who is a self-taught yoga enthusiast from Serbia, shares her experience in practicing backbends. "The first and most important thing when practicing backbends is to listen to your body and introduce consciousness to your movements. This will protect it from potential injuries and pain.” she says. Vanja explains opening up the back is more fun than we think, even without tools like yoga wheels. “I love and would recommend back bending with walls and chairs as your yoga props,” she says. “Walls - to open up your upper back - simply bend your knees slightly and push (through your arms) away from the wall. Chair - in order to improve your back-bend-related inversion strength and durability (like doing a scorpion), a chair serves like a yoga wheel, enabling you to succeed at the pose no matter your flexibility.”.

There’re no shortcuts to backbends. With these tips, there aren’t any detours for you either. We are going to take in these tips and stay more mindful during our next bendy practice - how about you?

Kristy Yuen

A peripatetic with a bottomless pit-of-a-stomach, Kristy is constantly hopping from restaurants to cafes to food stalls wherever her travels take her. As a certified yoga instructor, she loves to spread good vibes through teaching and helping others with their practice. If she’s not bending and twisting on her mat, you can probably find her munching away on chocolate.

social: @yogateak

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