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8 September, 2017 

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Your home should be the ultimate place of restoration, where you can embrace that you are only human and take time out daily to pamper yourself. If you share a flat with other people and changing up the common space is almost impossible, start with the bedroom - your most personal space.

1. A Happy ‘You‘ Zone

Find a zone or a spot that you can get comfortable in. Whether it’s a cushiony chair, a spot on the rug or the window sill. This should be your go-to spot when you want to relax and unwind, instead of a place where you do your bills, work or anything stressful.

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2. Declutter regularly

Decluttering is vital in maintaining a stress-free home. Keeping items that release negative energy or evoke negative emotions can be toxic. Try decluttering with a mindset that comes from an emotional angle and start to only make room for things that have a positive association.

Image: Tjihome

3. Make Your Bed

This might be obvious to some but often neglected. A nicely made bed that is neat and clean gives out calm and pleasant feelings, which is everything you need after a long day of work. Forget 5-star hotel standards, as long as the duvet is nicely smoothened out and tucked in, you will be able to feel the difference.

Image: Homebam

4. Light candles and cozy up

Candles are a great tool to create a great mood and a cozy space, especially scented ones. The effect of the candlelight per se is known to bring calmness, tranquility and solitude. Light, mellow and soft scents can help you unwind and relax whilst reading a book, or simply chilling in your cozy pyjamas. If your sinuses are sensitive to fragrance, opt for clean scents such as linen or lavender for ultimate relaxation.

Image: TWC

5. Keep houseplants or flowers

It is known that greenery reduces stress level, helps with anxiety, lifts mood, and filter pollutants - they’re great for your eyesight too! Studies have shown that productivity of office workers increases when they are immersed in a green environment. Indoor plants, like spider plant, are easy to maintain yet great for creating a calming ambience to the space.

Image: Homihomi

We are going to start with decluttering - there is nothing more satisfying than clearing out old trash and making room for more important things in life (aka pretty activewear - shop below).

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Wilsy Wong

A Hong Kong petite born and bred, Wilsy writes (obviously). As a full time Global Adventurer and part-time Marketer & Content Creator in lifestyle, travel and gnt (yep, don’t judge), she can be spotted anywhere doing weird stuffs - mixing Want Want cocktail in dodgy Burmese Hostel, diving 32 meters down the sea while having a beer at the same time (and forgot to watch her no deco time and almost died). Her humble motto - “Nobody is perfect, I am nobody”


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