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Jan, 2018

Regardless of whether your trip was a 2 hour getaway or an international overnight haul, travelling can really throw off your energy points, leaving you drained, sluggish and tight all over. To rejuvenate your body, below are some simple yoga poses that can get your blood flowing, reduce swelling and loosen up those tight hips and hamstrings after all those long hours of sitting.

1. Cat/ Cow Pose

Warm up your body with a few rounds of Cat/Cow poses, a gentle sequence that can stretch your spine while opening the lungs and chests - allowing you to take deeper breaths. It is enormously beneficial in preventing back pain and maintaining a healthy, flexible spine. Try to sync each movement with an inhalation to maximise the benefits.  

image: South Coast Magazine

2. Downward Dog

The Downward Dog Pose offers an overall stretch to your entire body; it also works to lengthen the spine and opens the back of the legs. Also, it is considered a mild inversion that can reverse the blood flow in the body and improve blood circulation, while also boost immunity - you’ll want to get in on this pose after breathing recirculated air in an enclosed space. (Remember, planes are breeding grounds for bacteria!)  

3. Low Lunge 

There is a reason this pose is found in almost any yoga class. A nice gentle stretch on the hips while also strengthening the glutes and quads, lean back to open up the chest, lungs and shoulders.  

4. Seated Forward Bend

Don’t underestimate the healing powers of this pose, when done properly, its a great deep stretch for the hamstrings and hips. Mentally, it also relieves stress and reduces fatigue. Make sure to take long deep breaths in this pose, I recommend staying for 3-5 minutes to let your hips open up.

5. Seated Twist

Twisting poses are great for waking up the spine and kicking your digestive system back on track. Constipation and stomach pains are common symptoms for jet-setters and a twist will encourage fresh blood flow (and fresh oxygen) to the digestive organs, stimulating them to function. 

Blog piece contributed by guest writer Audrey Sze, Professional Yoga Instructor,

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